Serious Mistakes to Cook Eggs in A Pressure Cooker

cook eggs in pressure cooker

As you know, not only the adults but also the kids like to eat the egg too much because this food is very delicious and a lot of nutrients for our health. Actually, it is very easy to cook eggs in every daily meal. However, you have ever cooked eggs in your pressure cooker yet. With thinking of many people who are using the top rated pressure cookers think that eggs are cooked in types of pressure cooker very delicious. Even, its flavor is increased more significantly than the ordinary pot. How about your opinion? If you have a good pressure cooker you can try to cook eggs. However, when cooking this food, you need to avoid 5 serious mistakes in this article. This will be a valuable lesson in your life to protect your health as well as all members of your family.

  1. No Add Water in The Pressure Cooker

You often hear a lot of information that the pressure cooker can work without water or any liquid. And you also apply this rule when cooking eggs. In this case, you have a mistake.

Normally, all foods will be cooked in the pressure cooker by the steam inside the sealed pot. However, you must add a little of the water in it.

  • Tips for You

To help your pressure cooker have the right working rule, you should add water to this pot. Before starting to cook eggs, you should add a cup of water to the electric pressure cooker.

  1. Place Directly Some Eggs in The Pressure Cooker

We can do this when we cook eggs with the stovetop pressure cooker. However, it is a wrong tip if you apply with the electric pressure cooker. We can explain this case that all eggs will be jostled and cracked during cooking.

  • Tips for You

steaming basket

We can prevent the eggs from the risks above when you place them in a steaming basket or the cooking rack inside this pot. This will help the eggs do not touch directly in the water. Of course, they will not occur any collision between the eggs each other.

  1. Cook at The Wrong Pressure

When cooking the eggs by the pressure cooker you must really be careful to choose the suitable pressure level. Especially, you should not set too high pressure because this will lead to crack or leak while you are cooking the eggs.

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I make sure that all eggs will be cracked during cooking when you always keep the low and stable pressure. Of course, this will take you more time to cook the eggs but it is no problem when you cook with the pressure cooker.

  1. Apply The Wrong Amount of Time

In my opinion, all dishes will become more delicious when they are cooked in the appropriate cooking time. It means that cooking time is one of the important factors which we need to pay attention to during cooking.

In this case, you should not base on the timer of the pressure cooker because cooking too long just one minute your eggs will become more terrible.

  • Tips for You

Depending on your preference to eat the yolk, you can apply the different cooking time when cooking eggs with the pressure cooker. Generally, you can refer to some following tips to cook the eggs properly:

  • Firstly, you want to have the soft boiled eggs. You should cook them from three to 4 minutes in the pressure cooker;
  • Also, you like to eat the medium boiled eggs. You will need more time. In this situation, you have to wait for five to seven minutes;
  • Besides, to have the hard boiled eggs, they will take you about eight to nine minutes.

Although three tips above should be applied when boiling eggs you need to remember that the cooking time still depends on how many eggs you cook and what the size of your pressure cooker. However, you can base on three tips which I just mention to estimate the most suitable cooking time, right!

  1. Use The Natural Release at The End of Cooking Eggs

The natural release means that it is not rapid to release the pressure inside the pressure cooker. However, it is also a serious mistake because your eggs will be overcooked and your eggs can not retain the good flavor as you want to.

  • Tips for You

You must use the rapid release at the end of cooking eggs to reduce the pressure as soon as possible.

In conclusion, the eggs are the favorite foods of many people so you must cook them properly. This is very necessary. Especially, you can cook the eggs in the pressure cooker. Through this writing, you know five serious mistakes and some good tips to fix these mistakes. I hope these are the great experience to improve your cooking ability.