Prepare Your Kitchen To Welcome The New Blender!

Are you fed up with the fruit juice? Do you want a new kind of fruit drink with amazing combination between fruits and other components? If you really need a change for the better, it’s high time for you to make way for the smoothie blender! Your summer will be loaded with many delicious surprises.

How to choose blender?

Selecting the best smoothie blender for the money is not a task of challenge in comparison with other kitchen appliances, but there are still many things you should put into estimation to meet your requirements. The blenders in the market nowadays are designed in various shapes, sizes and functions. That’s the reason why you should know some special specifications to know what is good and what can be passed to reduce the budget.

Some Specifications To Consider When You Buy Blenders

  • In some cases, you might need a blender with lower power, but in most of the times, you will see that higher power blenders are better in general. Blenders can operate well are often run between 500W to 800W. It’s the medium power for a fruit blender. However, if you need your product to operate more powerful to blend other types of food with hard nut shell; you might need to take a look at other stores for a blender with maximum 1200W of power. Frozen food and ice cubes graining and blending is not a piece of cake to blender with wattage under 1000W because of the hardness. So if you want to deal with them without posing a threat to the spinning blades, I highly recommend you to look for blenders over 1000W. In general, if you are a person who can’t afford for expensive product, 750W blender is totally acceptable, just remember to use it carefully and reduce the time blending frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • There is a problem that most of the blenders have to counter: the lack of stability while blending. That’s why you should choose blenders with firm base. This can be tested by holding the complete product to see if the base is strong, firm and heavy enough to stand on any surface or not. The base with large size can be firmer and can stand solidly on the kitchen table while blending.

Blenders for smoothie

  • Blender pitcher (or blender jar) is something very important so that you must consider this part carefully so as not to make any mistake choosing the blender. Based on the needs in the market, the pitchers are often made by materials like glass or plastic. Each type has its own advantages. The plastic pitchers are lighter and easier to use because they can’t be broken if the machine falls off. But they are easy to be scratched both inside and outside if you grain ice cubes or nuts, or use the dishwasher. With glass pitchers, you will see that it’s heavier so that housewives need more efforts when using. In addition, they are likely to be broken if the machine is accidentally dropped from high positions. Despite the disadvantages, most of the blenders with glass pitchers are designed very elegant and beautiful. Moreover, glass pitchers can withstand strong forces from the nuts and hard shell food so that the flawless look can be preserved for a long time. So it’s up to your choice to choose either glass or plastic pitcher for your blender.

Where Should I Buy The Fruit Blender?

Nowadays, even when you’re in the countryside you can still have some local stores to look for a blender, or if you don’t want to go to stores, you can use the online shopping functions from any supermarkets or electronics stores.

To me, the best way to check and examine the blenders is the traditional way – take a look at all the stores. By doing so, you can get rid of the risks of products being faked by the online stores about the quality and the appearance. Many stores use online images to deceive their customers about the product so that you should be careful with buying blender online. You should look at the products from trusted stores and reviews on the Internet to know exactly what you are in need.

They are some simple advices from my experiences for people who want some changes in this summer. You can have mouth – watering glasses of smoothie with many colorful and tasty combinations with just a regular blender. This will be your new assistant in the kitchen for a healthy summer for your family.