Kitchen Blender For Summer Days

Some people say that it’s not necessary to purchase a blender because you don’t use them often and the functions are limited. Well, it could be right to some of you who don’t know how to utilize all the potentials of this kitchen appliance. Others think that it’s very important to have a juicer in the kitchen than the blende because the fruit juice is easier to drink than the smoothies.

But if you take a look closely, the smoothie contains more nutrition and a lot tastier than the juice because you can freely mix the fruits together and form the mixtures to create amazing favors. In fact, choosing the best blender for smoothies is not an easy thing to anyone because of a variety of mode is confusing the customers. Moreover, the price of this product depends on the size and the functions so that you should take a closer look to buy the most suitable one for your kitchen. We will give you some advices so that you can decide the best features that you might need from your blender.

Mix blender

Which Type Of Blender Should I Choose?

In the market, you can see hundreds of household appliance brands that manufacture the blender. Each brand has more than ten models and in many shapes, size and other designs. That’s why customers often become confused. They don’t know what to choose between all those models. And sometimes, if you’re unlucky, you are likely to buy a product that can’t satisfy your requirements.

It’s very important to have some standards that you might need in a blender. That’s the basic thing you need to do if you want to have wise choices among all those products. Saving time and energy, basic functions and the designs of the blender would be the priority when estimating about a blender. Some of the blender just has basic functions such as working with fruits to make smoothies, graining some soft, small food… while many modern one can be used as a multi – function machine. It can break the shell of hard nuts, grain the ice… But don’t worry that the multi – function blenders are always out of your reach. Not all of them are expensive. There are many products that still can perform many works at a time but still can be purchased at a reasonable price.

In addition, you should know that why you choose the blender and how you are going to use it. It you just use the blender to make smoothies from fruits, you don’t really need a modern one with too many functions that you might never use in the future. On the other hand, if you are having children and you need a partner who can help you process many types of food, the multi – function blender can be the one you are looking for.

Who can resist a glass of smoothies?

Another thing I want to mention is about the wires and energy the blenders use. Most of the blenders use electric as the main source of energy, most of them use 220V electric source. The wireless models seem to be the best way to save the space in the kitchen and make a better look for your corners.

What Purposes Do You Want Your Blender To Serve?

The frequency of using the blender decides the productivity of it when you choose the product. If you just need the blender to make some icy drinks on hot summer days, then go for the products with 800 watts or more and strong blades to crush the ice and large jar to mix the fruits together.

Furthermore, if you want to chop or slice food, you should concentrate on using the blender with sharp chopping blades and having chopping functions. Normal blade can’t do the chopping or grinding because of the size and the strength, so that you should choose wisely to serve all the needs.

Choosing The Blender Jar

The first thing you have to take a look at is the material of the container or the jar. Of course they are designed based on the style and the design of the blender, but most of them are plastic. They need to be light in weight and durable so that when the machine processes, the container can withstand the spinning force and the mixture is kept inside completely.

Stainless steel is another option, but it’s quite heavy and you can’t see what’s happening inside the jar when the blender is mixing. You should use it with ice crushing or meat slicing.