How To Boost Up The Flavors Of Your Smoothie?

In the world of summer drink, smoothies play important part in balancing the flavors and making it a whole new level. The combination of fruits and tasty and fragrant are very prevalent and can be seen on the Internet quite regular. But if you are having some intentions about making your drinks more special, you’re going to need some tips and tricks rather than following the exact recipes. They might be old tips, but they work all the time with your smoothies. Now, let’s prepare for you a good blender for smoothies and get to work. We will figure out all the problems and solve them together!

How To Use Your Blender Effectively

There are two main types of blenders that you can usually see in the market although there are various types according to the shape, size and materials. The first type is regular blender which can be used just for normal uses such as blending fruit and other food but not too tough and the other one is high speed blender, with more functions and better speed but unstable works if having to spin for a long time.

Regular blenders

The regular blenders can do many things from blending to chopping. Some products are quite good at blending vegetables and fruits while some are often used to chop and slice things.

Some people say that you should choose the blenders with high speed such as Vitamix or Blendtec… but it might not worth the money you have to spend on them. Of course the high – speed blender can do anything a regular blender can do, even better, but imagine about the noise and the spin speed of the blender that makes it shake too much. Sometimes it could be a source of disturb to your neighbors if you use it too much for such a long time. And to some very hard food, the high speed has no effects on them even though you’ve tried your highest speed.

Of course, the selections are up to you. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should put all of them into consideration before deciding whether buying a high – speed one or just a regular one. In my opinion, you should prepare a piece of paper and write down some of the purposes that you might use your blender for and how often you would use it, so that you will have a closer look and make up your mind easier.

To know more about choosing blenders, i would be very glad if you guys can send specific questions to me so that I can help you guys to choose the best ones without concerning too much. Feel free to challenge me with your questions!

High speed blenders

How To Enhance The Flavors And Colors Of The Smoothies?

Well, you can do it by many ways according to your kitchen supplies. If you notice, there are many combinations to be done with just simple vegetables and fruit inside your refrigerators. To me, I have some tricks like this:

  • Cacao
  • Matcha
  • Chia seeds
  • Tomatoes

In some cases, you can pay more attention to the protein powders such as cacao or matcha. They are quite exciting to find out and apply in your smoothies. I haven’t known about them for years because I think that they are artificial powders and their flavors can’t match any kinds of smoothies because they are as different as chalk and cheese. But then I came to a realization that it would be fine if you can replace some of your materials with the protein powders as long as their nutrition components are similar. If your nutrition requirements can be completed with the powders, of course you can use them without changing the original taste of the smoothie. This is an effective way to cut down on the amount of fresh ingredients that you have to buy each time and also the price of your smoothie if you are planning to make a store with this drink.

Cacao powder

The problem is that when you use the powders, you have to make sure that they are blended perfectly into the mixture without stacking at the bottom of the glass. It would be very annoying if your customers or even you see the powder under the glass after having smoothie. Another thing you should know about the powders is that it can’t last their original taste long like the fresh ingredients so you should enjoy your smoothie right after it is done to keep the best quality of your products.

Be careful with the smoothie texture too. You might not notice that the powders don’t have the same texture and sweetness as the fruits or liquid they are replacing, so that you have to do some preparations before adding it into the mix.

That’s enough for today. Wish you guys can do your own smoothies and have a healthy summer! If you have any questions or suggestions about smoothie recipes or blender brands, just tell me and we can have some good discussions!